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November 08, 2018
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November 11, 2018
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November 13, 2018
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November 07, 2018
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November 15, 2018
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October 25, 2018
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February 5, 1932 ~
November 09, 2018
Date of Service: December 03, 2018

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November 15, 2018

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August 28, 1926 ~
November 10, 2018

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September 25, 1930 ~
November 08, 2018

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November 08, 2018

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March 20, 1963 ~
November 06, 2018

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August 8, 1963 ~
November 05, 2018

Gerald Ault
November 28, 1928 ~
November 04, 2018


Jack Shropshire

June 5, 1921 ~ December 04, 2017

Jack Alvin Shropshire was bom in Hartville, Missouri, to Henry and Nola Shropshire with the help of an Indian midwife on June 5, 1921. To this family two brothers and one sister were born; his sister died of a ruptured appendix and one brother died at birth. Jack’s family moved to Idaho when Jack was two years old. His family farmed in the Rogerson area for several years and Jack attended a one-room school, which had five students, four girls and one boy. He rode to school on his horse and was bucked off several times while in route. Later, Jack being an only child until his brother, Hank, was born 15 years later, spent his time playing with his dog “Sandy” and shooting his B-B gun at birds.

Later his family moved to Filer where his dad was janitor at the high school for many years. Jack helped his dad and participated in many school activities where he developed close friends, especially Dale Harding and Warren Stutzman who remained friends throughout their lives. After high school graduation, Jack entered the Navy in September 1940 as an Apprentice Seaman 2nd Class and became an Aviation Radioman Gunner. He was assigned to the Saratoga and served as a gunner on SBD dive bombers. His aviation group was involved in many battles after World War II began. While out on reconnaissance in the Battle of Midway, the Saratoga was sunk, and he had to land on another ship. He mourned the loss of his fellow crew members, his sea bag and $50, which meant a lot at the time. All together four of their ships were torpedoed. Jack felt mighty lucky to have survived it all!!!

As a result of having fought in seven battles, which included the Midway Battle, Jack was presented the Presidential Unit Citation on the U.S. Ship Enterprise and the Distinguished Flying Cross by Admiral Hawlsey.

There were 250 students who entered this class and 25 graduated as Navy Ensigns. Jack flew the PV 2 until the war ended. He left the service as a Lieutenant and was proud to have accomplished all of this.

Jack returned to Filer and started college at BYU, but contracted jaundice so he had to leave school. His family encouraged him to find employment, so he worked as a meat cutter for a while. He then worked for Idaho Power as a lineman for several years and was transferred to the service department in Twin Falls.

While working here, he met his future wife, Erma Nail. She was the dietitian at the Twin Falls County Hospital and was always having stove problems, which involved the service of Idaho Power???? The leftover gizzards and livers from Sunday dinners won over his heart. 

Jack and Erma were married on October 31, 1947, (Halloween), which came on Friday, as they only had the weekend off. They honeymooned in Jerome with coffee and pie then returned to their already purchased unfurnished home (with the exception of a floor lamp).

They lived in Twin Falls for five years where Tom and Penny were born. Erma’s dad, Tom Nail, passed away and her mother was looking for someone to run the family farm. Jack did not know much about farming but decided to take on the challenge where he could work independently and raise a family.

They moved to Erma’s childhood home (So. of Kimberly) where she grew up and remained there until Jack’s stroke 58 years later.

Jack was a hobbyist. He made his first radio out of a toilet paper roll, wire and some earphones. He could hear music. Jack became a licensed amateur radioman and continued this hobby throughout his life. In addition, he liked to build and fly model airplanes and belonged to clubs in these areas.

He became a member of the Kimberly Christian Church in 1954 and was baptized by James Bradford. He had been active as a deacon, Sunday School superintendent and member all these years.

Jack’s family had always been important to him. He hoped they would all attain goals that he had wanted for himself. College was very important to him.

Tom received the Eagle Scout award and God and Country award while he was in high school. He graduated from college with a BS in Education and Business and later received Masters in the same fields.

Penny was a joy to have around. She enjoyed the flute, piano and was a cheerleader in high school. She attended U of I and while there, married Gary Richards, who was later killed in a car accident. They had two children, Misty and Marty. She later married Ron Ostermiller, who is now a bank President, and they raised two amazing kids. Misty, a nurse, married and has three kids of her own. Marty has a Master’s degree in International Business and is married with two energetic boys.

David came along five years later, and Jack enjoyed his company when Erma was off to work. David enjoyed 4-H and band in high school. He got a BA from U of I in Psychology then another BA in Industrial Engineering from Montana State. He is presently working on his Doctorate. His job takes him all over the world. He and his wife, Karen, also an engineer, have three lovely daughters, Sara, Lara and Jennifer.

Jack and Erma had a good life together with many lifelong friends. Melva and Gene Johnson, June and Ron Krohn, Peggy and Bill Andrews, Richard and Marie Brown, Anna Lou and Jesse Posey, and Louise and Earl Skidmore, to name a few.

They had fun camping starting with a canvas over the back of a pickup, camper, trailer and motor homes traveling over a lot of Idaho and other states. They were able to enjoy 12 winters in Yuma living in a mobile home park where Erma did volunteer work with the Salvation Army and Jack could pursue his hobbies.

They traveled to Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, San Francisco, Seattle, Florida, the New England states and many more. Many trips were with family and friends.

They were able to pursue other fun things, too. Good Sam Travelers Club where Jack was State Representative, Gem Club and many fun outings to find rocks and bring items home to make cabs and jewelry.

They had been married 69 plus years and enjoyed farm life until Jack had a stroke, and then they moved to Kimberly where they continued to be involved in church and community activities.

Speaking for myself and hopefully my brothers, I look back at my life and feel so blessed to have had parents that set such an amazing example of respectability, honor, love, commitment, courage, strength and loyalty not only to each other but to their family and friends.

Love Penny

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