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Online Condolences for Christopher Pinet ( May 6, 1944 ~ November 17, 2011)

October 06, 2017
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December 28, 2014
Well, here I am over three years behind adn just finding out about the demise of a fondly remembered fellow Lawrencian and Jayhawker. Besides being my French teacher in a life long, long ago and far away, he was a teacher of compassion, encouraging and upbeat. For many years I have enjoyed the occasions when a memory of this fine man would come to mind. Now, enjoyment will be enhanced by a humility and a word of prayer for a noble soul. I choose to believe, even know, that such a loved individual is closer to us who shared a little of this life with him than ever before. D. Llewellyn Drong (Lansing, MI)

December 19, 2011

Chris Pinet could always be counted on to take the bull by the horns.

Back in the late 80's sometime during the summer, Chris and I, with our spouses, were ordering apéritifs at a Latin Quarter café.  We were informally speaking French and English, prompting the garçon to launch--twice--into neither subtle nor humorous broken French and English.  This was the tipping point for the future editor-in-chief of the French Review, who was physically and psychologically drained from spending all day navigating the maze of French bureaucracy.  He abruptly stood up, looked the offending waiter straight in the eye, and boomed: "Monsieur, pour qui vous prenez-vous?  Nous sommes professeurs de français et nous passons notre vie à promouvoir la langue et la culture française auprès de nos étudiants américains.  Rassurez-vous que nous parlons mieux français que vous."  

There will never again be anyone like Chris.

Bernie Petit


— Bernard Petit (Gilbert, AZ)

December 05, 2011


My condolences on your loss.  I consider Chris a great friend as well as a life mentor.  He was one of those people that are not forgotten easily and he will be missed. His spirit, enthusiasm for life, and kindness were unique.

Take care,

— Bob Helgeland (Denver, CO)

December 02, 2011

I was shocked to hear that Monsieur Pinet had passed away. He was a fatastic teacher, mentor, and person, and he will live on through all the people who's lives he touched.

— Matthew Beamer (Rwanda, OTHER)

November 30, 2011

Chris, tu n’es pas mort. Ton charisme et ton humour lors de tes venues en France résonnent et tes propos raisonnent encore dans le quartier des Gobelins et de Saint-Germain des Prés où tu as connu ton grand ami et frère Français , Claude GRENOT, mon père, pour lequel tu as tant pleuré lors de sa lente agonie et jusqu’à son décès ce 6 janvier 2011.

Depuis 1966, année de ma naissance, vous êtes resté les meilleurs amis. Un grand littéraire et un grand scientifique en symbiose intellectuelle.

Régulièrement, tu m’appelais pour me réconforter devant le calvaire que je subissai seul avec mon Père. Tu pleurais aussi.

Toi qui a pleuré pour lui, tu n’as jamais pleuré pour toi. C’est la preuve de ton humanisme et de ta clairvoyance toujours positive que tu me transmettais chaque fois que tu m’appelais. Tu réussissais à me redonner une armure venue d’outre-Atlantique.

Nous irons prochainement ensemble au Buffalo-Grill, cette chaîne de restaurant français que tu trouvais si extraordinaire. Ta place sera là à côté de Fabienne, ma femme et de mes enfants.

Puis nous rentrerons et tu joueras au baby-foot avec eux comme tu savais si bien les amuser quand tu venais chez nous.

Mes enfants, dans leur logique à eux, trouvent normal que 2 frères doivent vite se retrouver.

Je crois effectivement que vous ne vous étiez pas tout dit. Et le destin a voulu que vous ayez tout 2 la même maladie au cerveau. A trop réfléchir, et à trop rire sur vos réflexions, vos personnalités dépassaient votre enveloppe corporelle.

A l’heure où j’écrie, vous me voyez. Peut-être que vous pleurez de nous voir triste ? Non, ne le soyez pas et préparez-nous le terrain pour plus tard en trouvant une bonne cuisine française du Périgord ou de Franche-Comté, arrosée d’un Haut-Médoc et d’un Côte de Beaune.

Oncle Chris, Papa, on vous aime. Protégez-nous d’où vous êtes. Vos petits-enfants connaîtront tout de leurs illustres Grands-Pères.

Le grand enquêteur de la langue de Molière et le baroudeur chamelier (comme tu l’appelais Chris) se sont vite retrouvés dans un Yellow-Stone éternel.

Carolyn, nous sommes là, et nous embrassons très affectueusement la famille. Nous viendrons vous voir.



November 27, 2011

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I just want to send my sincere sympathy.  I am still in shock, having just learned of Chris’ passing.  We will sorely miss one of the most respected leaders of the American Association of Teachers of French and a hardy advocate of the study of French.  I knew him as an energetic and charismatic guide to navigating the French language and culture through various AATF sessions, workshops and publications.  We owe him a great deal for his role in the stewardship of our profession.


— Susan Colville-Hall (Akron, OH)

November 26, 2011

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We could not find words to express our deepest condolences for the absence of Chris. His honest friendship, great smile, outstanding concern for student's success, and extraordinary tennis partner will be forever the light-house that some of us would like to follow to emulate his success as a human being, friend, and professor.

Our sympathy is with you and your family.

Alicia, Miguel Paz and family

Miguel Paz (Bozeman, MT)

November 23, 2011

Chère Carolyn,

Ce fut un honneur d'être l'ami et l'assistant de Chris pour les cours de Français de Montana State University. Il m'a tant appris sur le métier d'enseignant, mais aussi sur la vie en générale.

Je n'oublierai jamais son hospitalité, sa vitalité, sa curiosité et son amitié.

Je lui doit beaucoup et le remercie pour tout ce qu'il m'a apporté.

Avec toute mon amitié et tout mon soutien.


Sylvain Loscos (Lyon, OTHER)

November 23, 2011

Chere Carolyn,

Monsieur Pinet has been a great mentor to me since I first started college five years ago. It is such an honor to have known him. He taught me so many things, not just in French but about life as well. He offered such great support inside of and outside of class. Monsieur Pinet was a great man. In the words of Maya Angelou, M. Pinet is "a rainbow in our clouds" still today. Throughout my trek into the peace corps, law school, and my travels  he will forever be in my heart. My best to you both and your family.

Au revoir,

Crystal Tetzel


Crystal Tetzel (Bozeman, MT)

November 23, 2011

Monsieur Pinet was a was a great teacher, mentor and friend throughout my many classes with him. His classes were always demanding, his teaching style erudite, interesting and very, very funny. Always returning corrected papers and exams the following class period, something that must have been a truly herculean task, won him many points with his students. His grounding of textual criticism in the text itself -- "Student: I feel the author is trying to say... Pinet: Yes, but where does it say that in the text?!" -- was refreshing and important, and is something that has greatly influenced my own scholarship. His nuanced view of both French and American culture was rare in a field that can be so fraught with subtle prejudice. He was a true scholar.


Like countless other students of Monsieur Pinet, my life -- both personal and academic -- has been and will continue to be indebted to him. In that sense, though he was taken entirely too young, he lives on. With a personality that big, and a voice that loud, how could he not?!

— William Dyer (Bozeman, MT)

November 23, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

I was saddened to learn of Chris’ passing and wish to extend my deepest condolences to you. It was a privilege to be a student of his. His passion for the arts and literature was catching. Chris was a true teacher and mentor who reached many of his students’ hearts and I was one of them. The memories left in our hearts are many. I am thankful for having known Chris!

Barbara do Amaral (Bozeman, MT)

November 22, 2011

We have lost a treasure.  I first met Chris at UNO's European Studies Conference several years ago.  He returned annually to present his research results and charm his audience with his wit and insightful research findings  Chris did not confine himself to narrow disciplinary restrictions as he ventured into political issues, both national and local in his work.  His curiosity led him to adopt Tin Tin, Astérix the Gaulle and other stories in his efforts to bring to his students some understanding of French situations and behaviors. His legacy will be widespread and profound.

Orville Menard (Omaha, NE)

November 22, 2011

Chris was a great guy. I had the privilege of witnessing him interacting with his four sisters and other family members.  His warmth, kindness, and intelligent humor were unparalleled.  If I had a big brother, I would want one just like Chris.  He was an excellent human being.  Chris had a beautiful soul.  His parting is a loss not just to those who knew and loved him, but to everyone on the planet.  My heartfelt sympathy to the Pinet family during this time of deep sorrow.

Denise Clemens (Charlotte, NC)

November 22, 2011

Chris Pinet était et reste mon ami. En cinq minutes, quand nous nous sommes vus pour la première fois, nous sommes devenus amis, nous nous sommes reconnus comme frères. Chaque fois que je l'ai revu, j'ai retrouvé, comme si je l'avais quitté la veille, celui qui ne m'a jamais quitté en pensée. Chaque fois que j'ai eu une décision à prendre, j'ai pensé : "Et Chris, qu'est-ce qu'il dirait ?" Caro, tu es ma petite soeur, tu dois savoir, toi, combien j'ai mal pour toi. Chris était un être exceptionnel. C'est triste de penser qu'il est parti, alors que tant de salauds existent encore sur terre. Je pleure avec toi, Carolyn.

Michel Bedin


Michel Bedin (94420 Le plessis-Trévise, OTHER)

November 22, 2011

What a loss!  Chris Pinet was a fine scholar, an extraordinary professor and a really decent human being.

I first met Chris at Excutive Council Meetings of the AATF, where he offered many excellent comments and suggestions, and often diffused tense situation with his own brand of humor.

He was an outstanding editor of the French Review, always seeking to make it appealing to teachers of French on all levels, and encouraging participation by all.  He aimed at the highest levels.

Deepest condolences to Carolyn and family.  We will all miss Chris for his charm, his intelligence and his charisma.

— Gladys Lipton (, MD)

November 22, 2011

When I was a brand new assistant professor out of graduate school, I remember finding a message on my answering maching at home one day from Chris Pinet asking me to call him. I had recently gotten an article accepted by the French Review and my first thought was, "Why would the editor of the French Review call me? Is he calling b/c people hate my article?" When I got my nerves together to return the call, the warm and friendly voice on the other end asked me to be Review Editor of Course Materials and Methodology for the French Review! Later I would have the honor to work closely with Chris as his Managing Editor for three years. Chris was a kind and generous man who opened doors for many. I will miss him. My deepest condolences to Caroline, Charlie and the rest of his family.

Wynne Wong (Columbus, OH)

November 22, 2011

Chris Pinet has left many colleagues, who considered Chris a friend and an inspiration, with deep sadness at the loss experienced by Carolyn, his children, and his sisters, but we who knew and worked with Chris feel the loss, too. Chris had a way of welcoming people and being interested in others that immediately drew people to him.  In my last email from Chris, he shared his excitement about a first grandchild, Naomi Rose, who was, of course, beautiful.


Chris’ passion for French was contagious, and as editor-in-chief of The French Review he sought innovative ways to make the publication of the American Association of Teachers of French  (AATF) respond to the needs of the membership.  He was encouraging and supportive during my tenure as a rubric editor and later, as president, for which I will always be appreciative.  As editor, he became acquainted with engaging Francophones, who became plenary speakers at our annual conferences, and he created numerous special editions whose themes suggested the works to be chosen for the annual AATF book Club.  He spoke out with energy on matters in the profession that were important to him and was an effective, informative, and entertaining speaker on a number of literary and professional topics. 


It must be satisfying for his family and friends to know that Chris was promoted to Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques, named honorary member of the AATF, and then recognized in June 2011 in Washington, DC, for a life-time of contributions to French language and culture as a recipient of la Médaille d’Or du Mérite Francophone de la Renaissance Française. What a rich legacy he has left ! He truly made a difference, and we, his friends and colleagues, can be grateful that our paths crossed.

— Margot Steinhart (Glenview, IL)

November 22, 2011

Of course I had heard of Chris. Was there a French teacher that hadn't? After all, he was editor of the French Review- but it wasn't until i joined the Exec Council of the AATF that I got to meet Chris in person-- Chris, bigger than life! He was such a neat guy-- and so approachable. I relied on him for the latest updates on the Tour de France and enjoyed his contributions to the council discussions. When Chris spoke (often tongue in cheek) everyone listened-- and really enjoyed what he had to say. He new the molst important people in our field and brought them to our meetings- often introducing them to the conference attendees. I'll miss his warmth, his kindness and good humor.

Jean-Pierre Berwald (Amherst, MA)

November 21, 2011

Chris "inherited" me when he took over the French Review. Immediately it was as if we had known one another for years. Our regular and many emails---I've kept them--often read like those of family members, and so we were. The easy contact and genuine warmth was allied to a wide open, capacious intellect and a magical enthusiasm.

Chris found the work we did deeply meaningful, and made the people who did it ifeel like indispensable collaborators in a great task. That so generous and personally modest a man can have achieved Chris's "rayonnement" is soothing in the pain of his loss. My deep condolences to his family and to all of us whom he touched,ongt and who cared for him.

John Anzalone (Saratoga Springs, NY)

November 21, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

After your phone call last night I kept thinking about Chris and all the good moments we spent together.  After talking with him, a few weeks ago on the phone, I knew he was ill but I had no idea the disease was going to progress so fast.  Beyond all the great work he did for the French Review, beyond his immense qualities as a teacher and beyond his love for the French language and politics, it is the kind of man he was that I will always remember.  A moment with Chris was always a happy and interesting experience and I will miss him greatly as will all those who knew him, I'm sure.

I also think about you, Carolyn, and I offer you and your family my most sincere condolences and all my support.  May your memories of Chris bring you some kind of peace and comfort.

Jean-Pierre Lalande (Bethlehem, PA)

November 21, 2011

Jean-Pierre Lalande (Bethlehem, PA)

November 21, 2011

It is so very sad to learn that Chris Pinet has passed away. Chris, whom I first met at Brown when he was completing his fine doctoral dissertation on early French farces, was always the friendliest and most generous of journal editors. Through his letters and emails he encouraged colleagues far and wide. We owe him much and I send his family deep condolences

Michel-André Bossy (Wakefield, RI)

November 21, 2011


j'apprends la nouvelle par Jane Abrate : je viens de perdre l'ami qui était le plus loin en km et le plus proche en mon coeur. Ce n'est pas un chagrin, c'est une profonde tristesse. Pina et Romain sont eux aussi très triste.

Nouis tenons à t'assurer de tout notre soutien et de notre  sympathie.

Chris est et restera un ami toujours présent. Courage. On t'aime./

Alain Braun (Ronquières (Belgique), OTHER)

November 21, 2011

News of Chris Pinet’s passing left me devastated. I first met Chris at a European Studies Conference in Omaha when we happened to sit next to each other in a session. Because of Chris’s warm, outgoing personality, and despite my own shyness, we soon fell into conversation. We discovered we had a lot in common, both being Kansans who had majored in French at KU in partially overlapping years. We continued to run into each other at ESC meetings and at annual meetings of the American Association of Teachers of Frenchl where we seemed to continue smoothly the same intense conversation. At a meeting in Montréal, he asked me to be Managing Editor of the French Review, but I was in the throes of finishing a book and was unable to accept. He was not discouraged (Chris was seldom discouraged), and, three years later, I accepted his repeated offer, with some doubts about whether I was really up to the job.

The three years I spent as Managing Editor of the French Review was the best professional experience of my career, and I am glad that I told Chris that a number of years ago. Initially, I had some trouble getting into the job, but with his help, friendship, and leadership, I was able to complete a successful term. One moment I remember fondly was a meeting of the AATF Executive Committee. During a break, Chris was trying to convince me that I needed to get more exercise, (Of course, he was right.)  At any rate, when he demonstrated the exercises he thought I should do, the two of us wound up thrashing and flailing around on the floor, I think to the embarrassment of AATF President Jean-Pierre Piriou.

Chris was an energy force of his own. He was the bright light in the room that made everyone else shine more brightly.

Clyde and Janis Thogmartin (Ames, IA)

November 21, 2011

I vividly remember - it was just a couple of years ago - when Chris e-mailed me out of the blue asking me to call him. I knew his name, of course, but not what he might want from me. Intrigued, I called, and what followed was one of the most enjoyable, dynamic and unexpected phone interviews I had ever had for a reviewer position at The French Review. Chris got to know me and my work, and told me a bit about himself. I am so glad to have picked up the phone and started on my adventure with him which I will forever value. He was a dynamo and I am thankful to have known him.

— Jennifer Perlmutter (Portland, OR)

November 21, 2011

I never met Chris, but worked with him for many years as an editor on French Review.

— Donna Kuizenga (Boston, MA)

November 21, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

I was so sorry to hear the news about Chris.  When I joined the AATF Executive Board 6 years ago, Chris was one of the members I most enjoyed talking with.  He had an opinion on everything and always made the conversation richer with his input.  I will always remember sitting with Chris and you at the banquet in Liège.  We shared some wonderful stories together.  What a wonderful colleague, friend, and francophile. 



Anne Jensen (Palo Alto, CA)

November 20, 2011

Querida Carolyn

Sentimos mucho tu pérdida. No teníamos idea de que la enfermedad de Chris estaba tan avanzada y realmente ha sido una terrible noticia para John y para mí, ya que le teníamos mucho afecto.

Por favor, dinos si necesitas cualquier cosa, estamos a tu disposición.

Un cálido abrazo en este momento tan duro


— Verónica y John (Bozeman, MT)

November 20, 2011

Dear Carolyn and family:   Please accept heartfelt condolences from Tom and from me.    To read of Chris' passing shook us to the core, but that is not the point of this message.   It is to remember Chris fondly and the many times we all had political conversations too numerous to recount and not to forget university politics about which we also had a surfeit of opinions.

In some sense it was all in fun, but we were working sincerely to make our community and country a better place as well.   Chris was very much a part of that, as you remain so today.    We grieve with you over his passing. May memories of a life well-lived bring you peace in the days to come and may you know that you have many friends nearby.

In sympathy

Marilyn Wessel

Marilyn Wessel (Bozeman, MT)

November 20, 2011

Chris has been the driving force behind The French Review and we will always remember him as an intelligent, efficient and dedicated promoter of French language, literature, and culture. It is a great loss for us all. Mais nous ne l'oublierons pas.

With sincere condolences to his family.


— Caroline Eades (College Park, MD)

November 20, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

I have been thinking about you and your children since I heard the news that Chris passed away. He was a good man and a dedicated professor. I am certain that he will be remembered by thousands of students and many colleagues here in the US and in France. He lived his life well and that is a good lesson for us all.

I am sending you by support and my prayers.

— Ada Giusti (, AK)

November 20, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. We have such fond memories of our time in Bozeman, and you and Chris were a big part of those memories. You may not know that Chris was an important mentor to me during my two years working at MSU. He read articles for me, and he gave wonderful advice. I have carried his advice with me since leaving Montana, and it has served me well.

The thing I remember most about Chris was his wonderful laugh. May it echo forever in your heart, lightening this great loss, helping you on your path forward.

We send all our love and our deepest condolences.

Monica and Rob

Monica Wright (Lafayette, LA)

November 20, 2011

Chris Pinet was always the voice of an open and friendly scholar and teacher. He took the opportunity to personalize his communications, often through talking about the calls the elks were making in the background as he wrote and the changes of the seasons there where he lived. Whatever he said encouraged open and friendly responses. He represents the best of the French Review and the AATF by which I mean the best of the profession. And Chris was a terrific editor. He edited a piece he had asked me for down to virtually nothing and helped me bring it back into a much better statement of what I wanted to say. Our topics were not just Molière and Montaigne but also Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday. I value the opportunity to have shared my grief with Chris when friends and colleagues died and I value his memory infinitely.

Geoffrey Hope (Iowa City, IA)

November 20, 2011

Dear Carolyn and family,

Christ Pinet was a person of great integrity. It was a privilege to work with him on the French Review. His kindness, competence, and strong sense of community will be badly missed by all of us. His essential contribution to the French teaching profession, and his sterling character, leaves all of us with heartwarming, inspiring memories.


Larry Porter (East Lansing, MI)

November 20, 2011

My deepest sympathy to all of you at this very stressful time. I was very saddened to hear of Chris' passing...he was always very supportive of me at the AATF and I could rely on him to give me honest advice and counsel. His booming voice and wonderful laugh will always be the way that I remember him. I hope that your memories sweeten the loss that you feel and that those same memories live vibrantly in your hearts.

Madeline Turan (Cold Spring Harbor, NY)

November 20, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

I was so saddened about the news of Chris's passing which came as a shock to me. He was such a dedicated member of our profession. I will always remember his smile and enthusiasm. I share your loss, and my heart goes to you and your family. Please accept my deepest condolences.



Marie-Christine Koop (Denton, TX)

November 20, 2011

Dear Carolyn & family:  We send our love and please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.  Chris was a wonderful man and we are honored to have been friends with him.  We are shocked and saddened by his passing.

Bernard & Rosemary Duhaime (Omaha, NE)

November 20, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

Chris’s passing is such a tremendous loss to you and your family, and we cannot express in words our heartfelt sorrow and condolence.  For us and along with so many others - at this moment in time it is so hard to imagine that such a huge void in our lives will ever be overcome, and healing is a process not well understood by most of us.  I personally feel a pain that is indescribable; it’s overwhelming, and radiates around my chest and centers in my heart.  

I think about the last 20 years of our friendship with you and Chris and your family visits here with us.     We first met in the fall of 1991 (about this time of year) and I remember how I fell in love with the both of you in just a few short days. I think about our many, many talks over the years and in no certain order….  the worries, ideas and solutions, the happiness, the walks along the lake, favorite foods and especially the pie, the wine, the lake, the mountains,  the wild flowers, the Loons and the birds, the laughs, the tears, all of the doggies, books and poems, the big Montana sky and the intense blue waters of  Seeley Lake, serious and light hearted conversations, all of your favorite cabins, always the family, and always the undeniable love and support,  and friendship from you Carolyn and that great man of yours…. Chris Pinet. Chris gave the absolute warmest hugs I’ve ever had in my entire life... second to none…. big, healing, warm hugs!  I’ll always value a lesson from those hugs and shall try my very best to pass them on with the sincerity and love of life that was … Chris.  

 Carolyn, my hope is that we will be able to continue on again sometime; we’ve much more to discuss and many more walks to take along that favorite trail. We will always be here for you. Sue  and Jeff, Tamaracks Resort

Sue Heagy (Seeley Lake, MT)

November 20, 2011

Monsieur Pinet was an asset to the French program at MSU. As a former student, he always be remembered. I will miss his energy and especially his kindness. Chris and Carolyn opened their home for a Christmas get-together about three years ago for me and several other French students and I will never forget the conversations and his joy of life.

As a professor, he pushed you and challenged you to be your best and was genuinely delighted to see you improve and succeed.  My deepest sympathies to his family. Au revoir M. Pinet.



— Kelsey Meyer (Fargo, ND)

November 20, 2011

Dear Carolyn & family,

Am so sorry to hear of your loss. Chris will be remembered for his wonderful personality and for his many, many wonderful contributions to the AATF.

Eileen Walvoord (Evanston, IL)

November 20, 2011

I have known Chris for so long, I can't even remember when we met, almost certainly when I, as a young professional, submitted something to the French Review.  Chris became a friend and valued colleague.  We had many phone conversations over the years, our business dealings enlivened with conversation about the Tour de France, wonderful meals we had eaten, Montana weather, often with Charlie barking in the background.

Chris will be missed by so many for his collegiality, his good humor, his intellect, his principles, but mostly for his friendship.

— Jayne Abrate (, IL)

November 19, 2011

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of dear Monsieur Pinet. I am currently teaching Educational Psychology and I like to start my semesters by having my students describe one of the best teachers they've ever had and give the characteristics that made that teacher great. Every single time I do this exercise, I use Monsieur Pinet as my example.

He was a great man, a great teacher, and a great friend. He always pushed me farther and knew I was capable of more than my first attempts. He was a large part of my success at MSU. I will always remember him.

Morgan Majors (Provo, UT)

November 19, 2011

Carolyn: Sara and I are devastated by Chris's passing. He was a great friend for many years and we shared a deep interest in jazz and jazz recordings. I will dedicate my Thanksgiving day afternoon (3-6PM) radio show to his memory on KFLT-FM/ online.  Ray Pratt and Sara Goulden

Ray Pratt (Bozeman, MT)

November 19, 2011


As so many others, Ione and I were devastated to learn that Chris had passed. We regret that he did not have the time to enjoy his well-deserved retirement after so many years of giving of himself to MSU and the French section Of the Modern Languages department. He contributed so much to the program, his impact will be long-lasting and his presence will be greatly missed. Our prayers and sympathy are with you and your family.

Doug Daniels

Doug Daniels (Bozeman, MT)

November 19, 2011

Carolyn:  Our dear friend Judge Gary died this week and we were at his funeral mass yesterday when I heard the news of Chris's death. I was overcome with shock as I had no idea his disease had progressed so far.  How sorry I am that we did not contact you as we intended to once his treatment had been finished. 

In any case, my heart just goes out to you for this unwanted destiny change in your life.  It was always a comfort to me to observe how much you and Chris loved each other and how well suited you two were in your marriage.

The paper said arrangements were being made, and so I am writing to offer myself to you in any way I can help.  I do not know what, if any, kind of serve you are planning.  If there is a memorial ceremony and if there is a piano there, I would be glad to play Bach's Ave Maria for you.  I would also like to offer our home as a place for the reception if that appeals to you.  It's a place I believe Chris liked to come to, and it would be an honor for us to make this gesture for him and for you and your family.  Also, please count me in for a food contribution should you intend a ceremony followed by sharing  light plate together.


Most of all, Carolyn, I know your family is in England and I don't know if you have sisters in this country or how much support you have.  Even writing an obituary is so difficult.  So just know that I would be honored to help you do ANYTHING that needs doing in order to keep your anxiety and grief level as manageable as possible.


Feel my arms around you in this heartbreaking event that has fallen on your path. 


Much affection and love, Ione 


Ione Daniels (Bozeman, MT)

November 18, 2011


I am so sorry to hear about Chris.  He was greatly loved and admired by all that knew him.  My heart goes out to you and your children.  Please let me know if I can do anything for you.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Shelley Fleming

Shelley Fleming (Bozeman, MT)

November 18, 2011


Please let us know how we can help you.  Chris was a wonderful friend and companion and I am honored to have been among his many friends.

Walter C. Fleming


Walter Fleming (Bozeman, MT)

November 18, 2011

I will alway carry fond memories of Chris and will miss him. So very sorry.

— Mike Babcock (Bozeman, MT)

November 18, 2011

Carolyn:  I got to see and talk with Chris was when he was being honored by the MSU Library a year or so ago and when I mentioned my daughter's interest in the French language he absolutely lit up... it was as if he was a first year teacher... so full of enthusiam and offers to help in any way.  Such a bright and kind man. With deep sympathy,

Julie Hitchcock (Bozeman, MT)

November 18, 2011


It was a true privilege to know and work with Chris.  He will always be one of those who could move beyond petty concerns in an attempt to make MSU into a great university. I will miss our discussions of cultural difference, our shared distrust of the idea of an imagined western consciousness, and Chris' deep knowledge of a wide array of French concerns and social practices.  

Please know that you are not alone in your grief.   With sincere condolences.



— Laurence M. Carucci (Bozeman, MT)

November 18, 2011


I was one of Professor Monsieur Pinet's students and I just wanted to say that he was a wonderful professor who really made learning the French language fun. Even after that class was done, he would always say hi to me when we ran into each other on campus. Without fail, he remembered who I was and we would have some really nice chats walking around campus. We will all miss him. With deepest sympathy,

— Audrey Lee (Bozeman, MT)

November 18, 2011


Conversations with Chris were always the highligh of my day, whether in the hallways of Reid Hall, on our way to a meeting or in the parking lot.  Our conversations often veered in unexpected directions and I always learned something from him.  I offer my most sincere condolences.  I will miss him.

— Susan Dana (Bozeman, MT)

November 18, 2011

Carolyn,  We are heartbroken to hear about Chris.  Please know that we are thinking about you and your family and we will miss Chris as one of our dearest friends.  Nona, Gilles, and Elvia

— Nona Stockton (Billings, MT)

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