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Matt Kohl
August 6, 1976 ~
April 13, 2019
Date of Service: April 20, 2019

Ralph Ross
May 24, 1959 ~
April 19, 2019
Date of Service: April 22, 2019

Charles D. Smith
May 23, 1945 ~
April 15, 2019
Date of Service: April 23, 2019

Harry C. Huntsinger
November 21, 1946 ~
April 17, 2019
Date of Service: April 24, 2019

Arnold Diede
March 4, 1930 ~
April 17, 2019
Date of Service: April 25, 2019

Beverly Wallace
March 21, 1931 ~
April 15, 2019
Date of Service: May 18, 2019

Stanley Durst
November 14, 1927 ~
April 13, 2019

Louie Gonzalez
June 11, 1943 ~
April 10, 2019

Gregory Parmer
July 8, 1939 ~
April 06, 2019

Daniel Ross
January 4, 1979 ~
April 04, 2019

Irene A. Kimm
August 21, 1922 ~
April 03, 2019

Anna Shannon
April 1, 1929 ~
April 01, 2019

Craig Reichstetter
June 12, 1948 ~
March 22, 2019


Online Condolences for Tanner Jackson ( January 27, 1981 ~ January 27, 2019)

February 15, 2019
Dear Scott and Lisa - we were sorry to miss you and your family at the Kleffner Ranch to offer our condolences. Bill is off in San Cristobal (Mexico) and I had some last minute conflicts come up. I am sure you will miss Tanner something awful but am equally sure you all have some just terrific memories to hang on to. With love, Sandi & Bill Olsen — Bill and Sandi Olsen (Helena, MT)

February 11, 2019
I forgot to mention I always thought he was very good looking. So cute. — Tamara Hintz (Helena, MT)

February 11, 2019
I was shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Tanner. I didn't know him very well but I went to Middle and High school with him and he always seemed happy, friendly, and popular. I remember going thru confirmation classes with him at St. Paul's United Methodist Church. I remember when it was graduation Sunday at church. And they invited me to sing a song with them and I didn't feel comfortable because I wasn't involved in much of the activities after confirmation but I went up with other graduating seniors anyways. Halfway thru the song I started crying and I remember Tanner put his arm around me to comfort me and I'll never forget that day. I thought that was so nice and thoughtful of him. May he rest in peace. My prayers and blessings go out to his family. — Tamara Hintz (Helena, MT)

February 08, 2019
Thoughts and prayers in the passing of Tanner. I remember him in Bozeman while Dad was going to college. Deanna Griffith Topp — Deanna Topp (Billings, MT)

February 08, 2019
My family and I extend our deepest condolences on the pain and void in your hearts in losing Tanner. I never met him, but from what I heard he left a positive impact on people. He loved the natural world and the company of good friends and making new ones. Truly a life worthy of celebrating. RIP Tanner Since Tanner loved the natural world, may Psalms 37:9-11 give you "Strength,"Comfort"and "Hope" for Earth's beautiful future that includes those RIP (Acts 24:15) It's good as done because. .."God is not a mere man who tells lies,Nor a son of man who changes his mind. When He says something, will He not do it? When He speaks, will He not carry it out? "- Numbers 23:19 — Jane P. & Family (California & Montana, MT)

February 06, 2019
I am so sorry for your loss. In the days ahead, treasured memories of Tanner, can help to ease the grief. May the God of all comfort, who "binds up the brokenhearted," sustain you in this time of sorrow.-Isaiah 61:1 — D Howard (, MD)

February 04, 2019
Tanner was one of the most brilliant people I’ve met. As a co-worker, he amazed me by passing LCB exam on his first try. And, he beat my score despite having no prior experience! On the trails, Tanner always kicked my butt. Always humble and always ensuring everyone was having a laugh. Patience, kindness, love - this seemed to be his mantra. I’ll miss you, buddy. My deepest condolences to his family. — Michael Hensley (Bozeman, MT)

February 04, 2019
Scott and Family, We were saddened to hear of Tanner's passing. Prayers for all. God Bless. Paul and Sarah (Jeffers, Augie 82) Jacobsen — Paul Jacobsen (Shawnee, KS)

February 03, 2019
Such sad news. We are praying for all of Tanner's family and friends. God bless! Bill and Jeanne Fullerton — Regina Fullerton (Helena, MT)

February 03, 2019
I am saddened beyond words and tears to hear of the loss of your beautiful Tanner. The world is not fair and we are left to try and make sense of it. Sending my love to you all. — Diana Gleason (Salem, OR)

February 03, 2019
The Jackson Family- I am deeply saddened to hear of Tanner’s passing. I haven’t seen Tanner since high school, but he made a big impression on me back then. We were in choir together and he was always so nice to and accepting of me even though I was a few years his junior. We had many fun times together at school, in choir class and out and about exploring. He was at my family’s house many times and my Mother loved Tanner. She fondly remembers the day when she made us PB&J sandwiches and Tanner promptly (and confidently) corrected her and told her how to make a PB&J sandwich “the right way”. I’m fairly sure he just loaded on the jam! :) Tanner was a kind soul, adventurous, fun, and loved to lead the pack. I only have good memories of him. I’m sorry the world has lost such a wonderful person. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! May Tanner Rest In Peace. — Tessa (May-Fraser) Clement (Denver, CO)

February 03, 2019
When someone so vibrant passes we wonder why. We all want to live longer. That is provided by our savior, Jesus life. John 3:16 — Beth (, FL)

February 02, 2019
Although I didn’t know Tanner, I feel moved by his story. A boy brought up in Montana embraced by nature and the love of his family who grew into a man who connected with all who knew him. I’m very sorry Tanner’s life is over. I send my deepest condolences to his family and friends. — Derek Gonzales (Vienna , MT)

February 02, 2019
Our deepest condolences to the whole family. We are deeply saddened to hear of Tanner's death! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. — Bob and Joyce Blass (Chariton, IA)

February 02, 2019
Scott, Lisa and Family - while I didn’t personally know Tanner, I sense the profound love that you have for him and he - for his family and friends. Our most sincere condolences at your loss - and cherish the good he left in all of you. — Paul, Orpha, Abby & Brody Montgomery (Helena, MT)

February 02, 2019
Offering my condolence to the family and friends of Tanner Jackson. It is obvious from the kind words that Tanner will be fondly remembered. As you cherish the many memories, reflect on the time death & sorrow will be conditions of the past! (Revelation 21:3,4; 1Corinthians 15: 26) This is what our loving God Jehovah has promised and Jesus Christ himself guaranteed the hope of seeing our loved ones again by means of the resurrection. (John 5:28,29; Acts 24:15; Isaiah 26:19) May God’s word comfort & strengthen you each day, as we await the fulfillment of his promises! (Joshua 23:14) — A. Casey (formerly of , AZ)

February 01, 2019
— (, MT)

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