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Betty Inabnit
June 7, 1937 ~
September 13, 2019
Date of Service: September 20, 2019

Darin Hauck
December 23, 1965 ~
September 17, 2019
Date of Service: September 23, 2019

Joan G. VanDyk
April 21, 1933 ~
September 18, 2019
Date of Service: September 26, 2019

Janet Hodgson
May 9, 1932 ~
September 18, 2019

William Voth
May 17, 1933 ~
September 11, 2019

Ann Louise Schaefer
December 17, 1944 ~
September 10, 2019

Dean W. Mann
April 19,1938 ~
September 09, 2019

Edmund Caracciolo
October 17, 1928 ~
September 06, 2019

Walter Ronald Gee
March 3, 1941 ~
September 05, 2019

Carolyn Gaub
November 03, 1956 ~
September 04, 2019


Online Condolences for Mark Gilleland ( October 27, 1927 ~ April 18, 2019)

September 12, 2019
Mark and Gettie, extended family I hadn't met, welcomed me to Bozeman when I moved for grad school. Mark helped me settle in, with tools and tips for the area. So warm and generous, and not too serious. My heartfelt condolences. — Tammy Thompson-Madsen (Bloomington, IN)

September 10, 2019
Mark Gilleland was a big, slow-moving man with a ready smile and readier hands, but what wasn’t so readily apparent was the size of his heart. I remember the time I broke out the window in his front door with my fist, a fiery act of passion; the next day I sheepishly stood before him, arm swathed in bandages. I was expecting Mark to lay into me, and rightfully so, but he surprised me. He wasn’t at all happy, of course, but he stuck with the facts. I would pay for the window and that was the end of it. I hadn’t encountered much kindness in my life, and here it was staring me in the face. I’ve never forgotten. Up at the cabin he set me to work shoveling dirt over the septic tank he’d recently had installed, a job I attacked with a vengeance (the way I do everything). When it came time for dinner I had only ten minutes to go, and he literally had to pry me away, ruefully observing he’d hoped the job would last three weeks. We both laughed at ourselves. Many years later I visited him in a nursing home, and this big, physical man was reduced to not doing much of anything. It broke my heart, but even more so, it broke his. He had lost his identity. He reminisced about traveling the state in his youth, hanging from ropes and painting grain elevators--the Mark Gilleland we would all come to know—and we smiled at his near falls and close calls. He had an enormous effect on me, rock steady to my gadfly, a man from bygone Montana where people could build lives on honor, honesty, friendship, and place. I will never forget the twinkle as he delivered one of his dry observations of absurdity, which we would then toast with our eyes and drink in deeply together. He was what he seemed, yet so much more than that. I love him still. — Douglas Brown (Bellingham, WA)

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"Thank you for the wonderful care you took of my mother, father, and the whole family throughout her funeral process.  The service was beautiful, as was the video.  Thank you for allowing us to hold the reception there.  It was very comfortable and warm.  We so appreciate your caring, concern, and respect."

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