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Richard Thomas (“Rich”) Breuner
April 5, 1932 ~
July 05, 2019
Date of Service: October 18, 2019

Frederick Heiser
September 12, 1931 ~
October 04, 2019
Date of Service: October 18, 2019

Robert Ross
July 11, 1921 ~
August 18, 2019
Date of Service: October 19, 2019

Frederick Dickensheets
January 20, 1934 ~
September 27, 2019
Date of Service: October 19, 2019

Jim Matson
August 16, 1931 ~
October 05, 2019
Date of Service: October 19, 2019

Edmund Caracciolo
October 17, 1928 ~
September 06, 2019
Date of Service: October 20, 2019

David Bayne
March 1, 1958 ~
October 13, 2019
Date of Service: October 26, 2019

John D Sandmeyer
March 21, 1930 ~
October 15, 2019

Deborah Jacobs-Long
November 14, 1952 ~
October 12, 2019

Cammy Van Antwerp
December 15, 1952 ~
October 12, 2019

Barbara Bohr
September 26, 1932 ~
October 08, 2019

Hayden Ferguson
September 12,1928 ~
October 08, 2019

Anthony Stamm
January 22, 1931 ~
October 07, 2019

Russell Lubbers
November 20, 1927 ~
October 05, 2019


Online Condolences for Russell Fisk ( November 11, 1935 ~ May 03, 2019)

May 15, 2019
I never had the pleasure of being his student, but remember being the recipient of his happy smile and wave, or a friendly greeting so many times. I will miss him. — Sheila Leith (Dillon, MT)

May 14, 2019
Thanks Mr Fisk You taught my brother Jay and me a ton. Arguing politics with you was the highlight of my time at BCHS. God Speed Mr Fisk. See you when we get there. — Gary Helming (Butte, MT)

May 11, 2019
I was never fortunate to have Russ Fisk as a teacher in the classroom. But I did have his tutelage as a young boy growing up across the way on Morse Street in Dillon. Russ always had time for all the kids in the neighborhood and taught us with his example of what a true man is. His hard work, dedication to family, and love of the outdoors endeared him to all and no one walked away from Russ Fisk not having been a better person. I truly loved this man and thank him for all that he did for so many, including me. — Rick Rainville (Plymouth, MI)

May 10, 2019
My love goes out to each and everyone of you. You have an amazing family! Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the event in Dillon on Saturday, but my prayers are with you. — Peggy Forsman-Hall (Belgrade, MT)

May 10, 2019
Joan and family, my heartfelt sympathy for your loss of your beloved Russ. — Lisa Bowell (BUTTE, MT)

May 09, 2019
Mr. Fisk was the BEST of the BEST ! His smile and laugh was contagious and he will be missed by all. Fisk family, huge HUGS to you all and celebrate a wonderful man! — Colleen (Winden) Hatcher (Bozeman, MT)

May 08, 2019
"...every student felt as if they were his favorite"... very true. Thank you Mr. Fisk and my deepest sympathy to the Fisk Family! — Annette Bederke (Cologne, Germany, OTHER)

May 07, 2019
We are sorry for your loss. I always enjoyed discussing politics with Russ. He and Joan raised a wonderful family. My condolences. — Robert Van Deren (Dillon, MT)

May 06, 2019
He truly made a difference .... he touched the lives of so many .... my deepest sympathy to the Fisk family! — Carol Dickinson (Dillon, MT)

May 06, 2019
A true inspiration and the epitome of teaching success. His smile, his twinkling eyes, his pure adoration for every single student...leaves a legacy. Thank you, Mr. Fisk. You will be missed. — Erin Brown (Wisdom, MT)

May 06, 2019
You were an amazing man, Mr Fisk. You left such a positive mark on our family and we've talked and thought about you so often. Working for you was an honor for my brother and I. You made such a difference in so many lives. Thank you for everything. — Teri Spehar (Eagar, AZ)

May 06, 2019
Best laugh ever! lA wonderful teacher and man! Sending Joan and family hugs from the Young family. Dave, Dale and Denise. — Denise Young (Bellevue, ID)

May 05, 2019
Joan and family, Thanks for loving and taking care of this wonderful man! He was blessed to have you all in his life! A genuine man whom I will miss dearly. Peace, blessings and love to you all today and always. — Lisa Stevens-Rakich (Dillon, MT)

May 05, 2019
Remembering the good times with Russ. BCHS classroom, multi family picnics with kids everywhere. His smile. My best to the Fisk family during this time l. — Jeanette Hood (Boise , ID)

May 05, 2019
Thinking of you all. He will be missed. — Arlene Hull (Boise, ID)

May 05, 2019
Hugs and prayers to all. Mr. Fisk was the best. — Ruth Pilgrim (Dillon, MT)

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"Words cannot express our thanks and appreciation for all you did for the service and for the family.  No matter how busy you all were during that time, you always made us feel like we were #1 on the list!  All of the special touches you helped us with made the service and our struggles much easier to deal with.  Again, our heartfelt thanks."

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