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September 5, 1938 ~
July 07, 2019


Lois Marjorie Evans

September 5, 1938 ~ July 07, 2019

Service: July 16, 2019 11:00 A.M.
   Location: The Bridge at Belgrade, 608 Jackrabbit Lane

On Sunday July 7, 2019, Lois Marjorie Evans, loving wife and mother of three children, eleven grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren, passed away in the hospital surrounded by close family from the area at the age of 80.  She was born September 5, 1938, in Independence, Iowa, to Duane and Marjorie Hoffman. She was raised with her sister in Tucson, AZ and became an accomplished pianist and vocalist at a young age.  She was active in music and performed throughout her school years.  While in high school, she sang on the local television station (KOPO) with Dean Armstrong and the Arizona Dance Hands band. Her musical talent followed her throughout her life. 

In Tucson, she met and married her forever sweetheart on August 25, 1956.  Together they raised three children and lived in various places, following her husbands’ different job placements; these placements eventually brought them to southwestern Montana.  They settled in Dillon in August of 1979 and lived there for almost twenty years, until they moved to Churchill, where they have lived since the summer of 1998.

Lois spent her early adult life working various jobs as they moved from place to place.  In any employment she had, she touched the hearts of people with the love of Jesus.  Sometimes it was in her words spoken at an opportune moment; other times it was her many acts of kindness, love, and care that showed her love of Jesus and His heart for people. 

In June of 1985, Lois made the decision to join the Mary Kay company as an Independent Beauty Consultant.  She loved the company philosophy of keeping God first, and it filled her void of an empty nest.  In learning and experiencing the new business she knew she had found her niche.  She continued to touch the hearts and lives of people through her business.  It was her avenue to connect with others and show them the love, self-worth, and sense of belonging that comes from knowing Christ.  Having been very successful in her business, she became a director and taught other women how to be their best, inside and out.

Throughout Lois’ life, she continued her musical talents that started in her school age years.  She could play any keyboard-type instrument, both reading music as well as playing by ear.  She wrote both lyrics and music that proclaimed her love of Jesus and all He meant to her in her life.  She loved to sing!  We are sure the angels are enjoying her voice right now!

As Lois got older, her business continued to be a part of her life, although at a slower pace.   However, her love of people never slacked!  She prayed fervently, loved completely, and served wholeheartedly in any way she could.  She often talked of heaven and what a beautiful place it would be.  She longed to go home to Jesus as her body continued to age and fight against her.

Lois loved her family tremendously.  Her husband of almost 63 years was her number one priority.  She was extremely proud of her adult children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and talked about them to anyone who’d listen.  Lois was also known for her fantastic sense of humor, quick wit, and cheerful attitude.  She loved to laugh and appreciated those who brought her laughter and joy.  Those people included family whom she is survived by:  Her spouse: Gilbert (Lee) Evans; her children:  Lisa Flekke (Erik), Loren Evans, and Lana Benson (Duane); grandchildren:  Erik, Jane, Alexander, Kevin, Becky, Nathan, Keith (Kenja), Naomi (Josh), Eli, Rachel (Michael), Amber; and fourteen great-grandchildren.  She is also survived by her sister, Dorothy Sowle of Boise, ID, and many nieces and nephews whom she also loved dearly.  She was preceded in death by her parents.


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