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Wallace Dobbs

February 6, 1935 ~ July 12, 2019

Service: July 18, 2019 3:30 P.M.
   Location: Sunset Hills Cemetery

On July 12, 2019, Wallace Monroe Dobbs began the last Journey to the most magnificent mountaintop.

Born in Columbus, Georgia on February 6, 1935 to Vedere and Russell Dobbs. At age 17, he joined the United States Air Force. While stationed at Limestone Air Base as a gunner flying in B52's and B36's he met his dream girl, a French dark haired beauty, Theresa Ruest Martin from Van Buren, Maine, who in stories she later told; I knew long before he did" I told my girlfriends that's the guy I'm going to marry". They married on April 2, 1956.

Wally maintained his pursuit of knowledge, integrity and hard work, studying and testing to move up and earn responsibility with each new assignment. From Maine he and Theresa moved their now two children, Michael and Lisa to El Paso, Texas, and then on to snow country; Kincheloe Air Base in Michigan. Next stop down yonder to Kessler Air base in Biloxi, Mississippi and in the late 60's they moved on to Castle Air Base, California where they eventually were parents to three, with the birth of their son, Eric.

In 1973 his duty brought he and his family to Clark Air Base, Philippine's and the end of the Vietnam War. Finally retiring at Nellis Air Base, Las Vegas, completing 26 plus years of commitment to his country, remaining ever dedicated to integrity, and humbled and thankful for the opportunities he had been given.
Wally's deep love of music, began as a child with big band era, over the years his collections grew, self taught, with each new computer/mac, over the years he assembled a collection of music that would compare to the genres one would find in a radio station. Finding too in his 20's a passion and an eye for photography, he compiled beautiful photographs of family and friends, nature at its best, and the journeys he and his dream girl shared while traveling the continental United States, Alaska, Canada and Mexico by RV for over 20 years.
The adventures didn't end there, in 2005 they packed up once again and moved to Bozeman where all three children were living, adding yet more adventures, exploring and photographing Montana, building a beautiful garden that they worked in each day until 2017. Spending yet more precious time with their kids and grands!

An excellent shot, hunting and competing at the Rod and Gun club, also a competitive golfer who after years retired his clubs since the hole in one was his.
Wally made sure his kids learned to fish, hunt, golf, water and snow ski, to appreciate fitness and the competitive spirit of team sports as he had done through his many years of coaching baseball and pee wee football.

Wally is survived by his treasured wife of 63 years, "Teri," his son, Michael and his children, Celia (Steve) Robinson and Michael Dobbs Jr.; his daughter, Lisa (Brentt) Crooks and their daughter, Linzi (TSGT Brandon) Hise and their little guy, Wally's first great grand babe, arriving September 2019; his son Eric (Kelly) Dobbs and their daughter, Pippa Dobbs. In addition to his big sister, Joyce, there's the wonderful mob of sister-in-laws and a slew of nieces and nephews.

He'd probably say if you feel the urge to send flowers or gifts consider instead planting some dahlias in your garden or take your family out to dinner, celebrate your loved ones with a get-together, drink fine wine paired with king crab, or maybe good beer and ribs shared with friends and family in the beautiful Montana mountains. 

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